Dr Jawad Nazir

Senior Lecturer
University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences


Research Activities

More than 14 years of extensive lab experience in the field of microbiology, animal / environmental virology, animal cell culture techniques, immunology, vaccine development, testing disinfectants and biocides 


  • Classical microbiology techniques (sterilization, media preparation, bacterial culturing, staining and microscopy, biochemical testing, microbial counts etc)
  • Virus propagation and titration on embryos and cell culture
  • Animal cell culture (Primary culture and cell line)
  • Serological techniques (ELISA, CFT, AGPT, VNT, Immunofluorescence, etc)
  • Molecular techniques (DNA/RNA extraction, Conventional/Real-time PCR, Gene cloning, Genome sequencing, SDS PAGE etc)

Upcoming Events

  • Nov 29

    49th ASI Annual Scientific Meeting

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  • Dec 1

    World AIDS day

  • Nov 28

    50th ASI Annual Scientific Meeting