Dr Alyssa Barry

Lab Head
Infection and Immunity Division
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research


Research Activities

Millions of children are dying from malaria each year and more than one third of the world's population are at risk for infection with the most virulent malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum. Genomic tools for parasite surveillance and a broadly effective malaria vaccine are critical for control and elimination of malaria. Our team utilises genomic, bioinformatic and population genetic tools to understand parasite transmission dynamics, drug resistance and antigenic diversity. Our strong collaborative links to PNG, Cambodia and Mali are providing samples from malaria studies being conducted in the region. The research will help develop a framework upon which to plan and monitor malaria interventions and eventually elimination campaigns.

Current projects:
  • Population genomics and transmission dynamics of malaria parasites 
  • Surveillance of antimalarial drug resistance 
  • Understanding immune escape in malaria parasites
  • Genetic diversity and immuno-epidemiology of the major variant surface antigen of P. falciparum
  • Host and parasite factors associated with asymptomatic malaria


Molecular biology
Population genetics


Ivo Mueller (PNGIMR)
Shannon Takala-Harrison (University of Maryland Baltimore)
Moses Laman (Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research)
Seydou Doumbia (UTSSB, Mali)
Leanne Robinson (Burnet)
James Beeson (Burnet)
Prof Freya Fowkes
Dr Paul Gilson
Takafumi Tsuboi (Ehime University)
Rory Bowden (WEHI)

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