Dr Natalie Borg

Laboratory Head
RMIT University


Research Activities

The Borg lab integrates cell biology and imaging techniques with biochemical characterisation and structural determination to make unique contributions to innate immunity and host-pathogen interactions, with a focus on viruses. We exploit this information to devise novel ways to combat viral infection.


molecular biology, protein expression from E. coli and baculovirus, protein purification, X-ray crystallography, SAXS, biophysical characterisation, cell biology, confocal microscopy, cell and virus culture


Dr Ashley Buckle
Prof. David Jans
Rhoel Dinglasan
Prof. Paul Gooley
Dr Jim Harris
Dr Sarah Jones
Prof. Venu Raman
Prof. Paul Gorry
Prof. Melissa Churchill

Other Lab Members

Samie Elmazi
Bradon Rumler

Other members with similar research interests

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