Dr Hung-Hsun Yen

Honorary fellow
Melbourne Vet School
The University of Melbourne


Latest News

the study of in vivo and real-time transcriptome of cells in mammary efferent lymph following Mannheimia haemolyticainfection 

Research Activities

Dr Yen is one of the leading experts in research regarding ovine and porcine lymphatic cannulation models. Applying the training as a veterinarian to research, he has established four novel lymphatic cannulation models in sheep and pigs for immunological and biomedical studies. Using these models, Dr Yen is able to study the in vivo, in situ and real-time host-pathogen interplay and immunobiology.


Vaccine development – DNA vaccines, subunit vaccines, autogenous vaccines, et cetera
Biostatistics and experimental design (using SAS)
Protein expression and purification (Baculovirus virus and E. coli expression systems)Molecular biology techniques and fundamental bioinformatics 
ovine and porcine lymphatic cannulation models
histological methods


Dr Rob Bischof

Disease Models

ovine and porcine lymphatic cannulation models

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