A/Prof Motti Gerlic

Department Head
Clinical microbiology & immunology, Sackler medical school
Tel Aviv University


Contract research opportunities

We are seeking for Postdoctoral & PhD candidates with a preferred background in immunology/cancer, for an exciting project that will target tumor cells for delivery of neoantigens to activate anti-tumorigenic adaptive immunity, using the therapeutic mRNA encapsulated nanoparticles.

Latest News

Proteomic analysis of necroptotic extracellular vesiclesI Shlomovitz, Z Erlich, G Arad, L Edry-Botzer, S Zargarian, H Cohen, ...Cell death & disease 12 (11), 1-13
BNT162b2 vaccination effectively prevents the rapid rise of SARS-CoV-2 variant B. 1.1. 7 in high-risk populations in IsraelA Munitz, M Yechezkel, Y Dickstein, D Yamin, M GerlicCell Reports Medicine 2 (5), 100264

Research Activities

Cell Death and Immune Response: the Role of Necroptosis and Pyroptosis in Inflammation.
Cell death is an essential cellular process during development, but also facilitates the removal of damaged or infected cells, and is required for the resolution of innate and adaptive immune responses.
Our research focus is the understanding of the inflammatory response, with particular emphasis on novel NLRs (Nucleotide-binding domain and Leucine-rich repeat containing Receptors), and the non-apoptotic forms of cell death during infection. In particular we are interested in how pathogens (viruses and bacteria) are recognized by the innate immune system to facilitate these signals and how some pathogens evolve to target these mechanisms and prevent the host inflammatory response.
Furthermore, we intend to harness our findings to develop an immunotherapy-based method, which does not require the identification of neoantigens, for the treatment of multiple myeloma (MM) and additional tumors.


In vivo mouse models, Flow cytometry, Single cell WB, Real time live imaging, Cell Death, Inflammation, Innate Immunity


Dr. James Vince
Dr Seth Masters
Dr Ben Croker

Disease Models

Inflammasome pathologies
Alpha-1 anti-trypsin deficiency

Genetically Modified Organisms

mouse models:
Inflammasome, necroptosis
Alpha-1 anti-trypsin deficiency (Pizz mouse) 
Multiple myeloma (MM)

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  • Feb 15

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  • Feb 15

    Lorne Infection and Immunity Conference 2023

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